Fire Stopping is a passive fire protection measure of combining fire-resistant materials with the constructional fabric of the building. This provides a specific fire rating within the building that allows for occupants to escape or remain safely in their premises during a fire.

Do You Need It?

YES! – Passive Fire Protection can save lives! Fire stopping seals any openings to prevent fire, smoke and heat from passing through multiple building compartments. If openings and gaps are fire stopped the fire spread, both lateral and vertical will be restricted. During the construction process it is vital that any gaps are sealed to ensure the system works to its maximum ability. Such gaps are typically at service penetrations through walls and floors.

Fire Stopping to Walls

Blockwork, concrete and drylining systems.

Single White Ablative Coated Board Up to 60 minutes

Fire Rated Mastic Around Single Non Combustible Service

Single side.

Circular openings through walls and floors

Fire Rated Mastic to Linear Joints

Closing Devices

Intumescent fire sleeves to plastic combustible pipes.

Fire rated floors and wall collars.

Other services provided, price subject to site survey

Firestop Compound to walls and floors.

Fire barriers.

Firestop edge protection.