Tritec Interiors Limited is committed to conducting its business in a way that protects the health and safety of its employees, contractors and the general public. It recognises its responsibility to protect the environment and minimise as far as reasonably practicable, any environmental impact of its activities.

Consistent with this, Tritec Interiors Limited will:

provide adequate resources to implement this policy;
ensure health, safety and the environment are management responsibilities which rank equally with responsibilities for managing finance and other similar matters;

  • support employees and contractors in understanding and fulfilling their health, safety and environmental responsibilities;
  • engage, involve and consult employees, clients and contractors in the improvement of health, safety and environmental performance;
  • require contractors and suppliers to demonstrate an acceptable standard of health, safety and environmental performance;
  • maintain effective systems to identify health, safety and environmental hazards, assess them and manage risks arising from all our activities;
  • work with employees, clients, contractors, external bodies and enforcement authorities to minimise the health, safety and environmental risks associated with our operations;
  • provide relevant information and necessary training to all employees in respect of risks to their health and safety, and the environment, which may arise out of their work or their workplace;
  • reduce where reasonably practicable, consumption of energy and the production of waste;
  • ensure that any health, safety or environmental incident is reported and appropriately investigated;
  • measure and review our health, safety and environmental management, policy and procedures as a means of planning continual improvement in health, safety and environmental performance.

Employees are aware that their support, as far as may be necessary, is vital to achieve the objectives of this Health, Safety and Environment Policy and the co-operation of employees in promoting safe, healthy conditions and systems of work is encouraged by discussion and effective joint consultation. Employees are not expected to carry out work that they consider to be unsafe and neglect of health, safety and environmental requirements will be taken seriously and could give rise to disciplinary action.

Ultimate responsibility for compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and associated legislation within Tritec Interiors Limited lies with the Directors, however, day to day health, safety and environmental issues are managed by Mr Sheridan Jones, Managing Director.

Tritec Interiors Limited will regularly review this Policy and revised it whenever necessary, but not less frequently than once in every 12-month period, in order to ensure its continued effectiveness in the main interest of its employees, clients, contractors and visitors.