The Organisation has written an environmental policy that shall be communicated to all personnel working for or on behalf of the Organisation and, on request, to any other interested parties, including the general public.

As a commitment of the importance the Organisation place on their responsibilities in the care of the environment the policy is signed by the Managing Director who is the top manager within the Organisation.

The master copy of the policy is retained as part of this manual.

Definition: the definition of Environmental Policy as stated by ISO 14001 is; overall Intentions and direction of an Organisation related to its environmental performance as formally expressed by top management.

Tritec Interiors Ltd is committed to reducing the impact of its activities on the environment and assisting our customers by encouraging them to use sustainable resources To this end, the Organisation has implemented an environmental management system to continuously improve its environmental performance.

In order to meet this commitment the Organisation will pursue the following objectives:

  • To ensure compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations
  • To reduce emissions and prevent pollution
  • To improve waste management practices
  • To reduce consumption of natural resources
  • To minimise noise and other nuisances
  • To assist in the management of ecology
  • To continuously assess its environmental performance
  • To assist in the investigation of environmental incidents in which it is involved on operational sites
  • To make its environmental information available to interested parties

The necessary personnel and financial resources will be allocated to assist the Organisation in meeting its environmental objectives and targets that will be reviewed as appropriate. In addition, the Organisation will continue to raise the levels of environmental awareness throughout its workforce and to promote this awareness to its clients and suppliers.

The Organisation is committed to operating its Environmental Management System in a manner that attains and sustains registration to the international Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001:2015.