ISO 9001:2015

Construction projects are highly complex, involving many factors and moving parts and a good QMS is a key factor to their success. Beyond the generic benefits that the ISO standard offers for all businesses, there are some particularly excellent reasons for getting an ISO 9001:2015 certification for your construction company:

  • Improve Employee Training, Development & Communication
  • Efficiently Manage Your Supply Chain
  • Win Public-Sector Clients
  • Easily Comply with Legislation and Regulations
  • Manage Risk Effectively

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ISO 14001:2015

Businesses that adopt a robust Environment Management System (EMS) to develop effective systems, strategies and processes to manage environmental performance avoid many of these problems and benefit from a number of significant advantages:

  • Cost savings from reduced waste output and energy use
  • Lower administrative burden
  • Ease of demonstrating compliance to potential clients
  • Improved reputation through consistently meeting legal obligations
  • Construct businesses who adopt an EMS benefit from lower environmental compliance costs as well as increased business opportunities
  • Adopting or transitioning to ISO 14001:15 helps businesses improve environmental performance throughout the organisation and the supply chain
  • The standard requires senior management to take a more active role in spreading waste management best practice
  • Businesses will need to develop a greater understanding of their context and life cycle of products and services, which will involve closer consideration of their outsourced processes like waste management
  • Early adopters of the standard are already developing a competitive advantage

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ISO 45001:2018

What are the benefits of ISO 45001?

1. Positions your business as industry leaders
Sets us apart from our competitors.

2. Increases trust
By demonstrating that we are actively encouraging continuous improvement for our employees’ morale, safety and performance, people trust us. Being transparent and promoting our corporate social responsibility efforts has a huge impact on how the public, our future employees and prospective clients perceive our business.

3. Lowers insurance premiums
By simply implementing ISO 45001, it has provided a platform to attract lower insurance premiums as it proves our organisation is performing strong due diligence in managing and protecting their employees.

4. Improves individual safety as well as organisational
ISO 45001 addresses the personal health and safety risks to the individual of any process or use of equipment within an organisation. This relates both to their mental health and physical safety within your workplace.

5. Preventative risk and hazard assessment
Implementing ISO 45001 helps us prevent risks as opposed to reacting to them once they are detected by others. The internal auditing system provides an ‘early warning system’ to help us spot potential threats to health and safety.

6. Occupational focus
The focus is primarily on the employees physical and mental well-being at work as opposed to the quality management of the workplace systems and tools that are used. This is an important factor and it improves staff morale, which has a significant impact on staff turnover and retention rates.

7. Deals with risk and opportunities
Fundamentally, it deals with both the risk and opportunities. By taking a risk-based approach it ensures our organisation is proactive rather than reactive, preventing potentially damaging events and promoting improvement. Once a management system is risk-based, preventive action is automatic.

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The purpose of CHAS certification is to assist buyers as well as suppliers in the process of health and safety competence assessment. CHAS also guides the supplier through any flaws in safety management, thereby helping them to improve.

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FIS is a community of businesses and people in the finishes and interiors sector. By bringing people together through shared activities, events, products and services, we create conditions for our contractor and supplier members to improve performance and win work.
Accredited members are contractors and suppliers involved in commercial interior fit-out and building finishes. Most members are UK-based, but companies based outside the UK may also apply. FIS membership is not automatic and applicants are subject to strict vetting procedures.

Why Join the FIS?
We decided to join the FIS to show clients we are a genuine, honest, and take seriously our responsibility to install beautifully finished interiors. Plus, FIS provide helpful advice and support in many areas of construction/fit-out which has proved very useful.

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IFC Fire Stopping - Passive Fire Protection

The IFCC SDI 00 Certification Scheme for Installers of Fire Protection is a voluntary scheme for third-party certification of installation contractors who provide a service to industry for the installation of fire protection products (e.g. Timber Fire Doors, Protection, Penetration Sealing, etc...). The scheme is operated by IFCC in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 'Conformity Assessment – Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services'. The scheme covers the installation of a variety of fire protection products, systems and assemblies, each with its own specific installation requirements to be satisfied in order to provide the product’s intended fire performance.

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